As a 52 year old lifetime fitness enthusiast, I came to Evolution recognizing regrettable, but emerging body flaws. Although I had incorporated yoga into my workout regime at 18 and maintained flexibility, my mainstay had been weights and cardio. Since pilates and yoga have become the focus, my body has a longer, leaner, less bulky look.

Perhaps the most remarkable difference between Evolution and other gyms is the attention paid to ensure correct form while working out. The staff are all extremely knowledgeable, and the customer benefits.

When I started at Evolution, my neck and middle back were always sore from work. (I am a hair dresser). I started with a few basic pilates classes, which were really helping my pain I had in my back, but my neck was still bothering me occasionally. I was encouraged to try some personal training sessions as well and WOW what a difference! The personal training really targeted the things that were causing my neck pain and now my back and neck rarely ever hurt. I am doing so much better and am so much stronger than ever before. The classes and personal training sessions have been so great that even my massage therapist has noticed a HUGE improvement!
The Pilates mat classes at Evolution are very personalized. My posture and core strength have visibly improved in just 4 classes. I found ab muscles I didn’t even know I had!
Training in the mat pilates classes at Evolution, so far, has been amazing! I have become very aware of what my body should be doing in each movement of the exercise. Breathing, position, & posture – so much to focus on but I am accomplishing things and feeling great!
In the seven months that I have been coming to Evolution, my body has evolved dramatically. I have lost weight, gained muscle tone, and composure from attending the yoga classes. At first, I kept dropping in afraid to commit, but then I realized it was a commitment I wanted in my life and its one decision I’m very happy with.”

I’ve received tons of compliments and people asking me what I am doing. Before, I had been going to the gym 5 times a week for 5 years and never achieved the goals that I wanted. Thanks to Evolution, I achieved my fitness goal in 6 months!

I had never done pilates or yoga prior to joining Evolution. At the time I thought I was in good shape as I exercised regularly and lifted weights for many years. I purchased a one month unlimited pass and challenged myself to attend as many classes as I could, and after that month, I was hooked.

The improvement to my overall well-being has been astonishing. My whole body is toned and I feel less sluggish. I’ve also regained most of the flexibility of my youth.

Because of the intimate setting and smaller classes it has been easy to make friends. We encourage each other to come to class night after night. One of the primary reasons I have stayed with Evolution is due to the quality and knowledge of their instructors. Bravo to Evolution for setting and maintaining such a high standard!

I started doing pilates 2 months ago on the recommendation from my doctor. I came for rehabilitation of a fractured back, which was caused by a fall from my horse. I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my overall flexibility and muscle tone. I also feel that I am more healthy and energetic as a direct result of doing pilates 2 to 3 times per week. It works all of your muscles evenly, improves posture, and teaches you how to appreciate your body. As an athlete who rides 6 days a week, I recommend pilates to men and women of all ages. It is a non-straining way to improve your overall physical health, it doesn’t take much time, and its fun.