Since 2001, Evolution Studios has brought Langley Pilates classes that challenge your body and your mind. We offer a complete range of Pilates programs that includes both mat and equipment based classes in small group and personal training settings. Our Langley Pilates studio is a fun, relaxing, compassionate, and understanding environment where you can be comfortable starting our as an absolute beginner or expanding your existing Pilates practice.

Our goal is to truly teach you Pilates, not just guide you through the exercises. Our classes are small and taught by Pilates instructors who love what they do and are dedicated to seeing you progress and improve. Our certified instructors at our Langley Pilates studio will guide you through the exercises, providing modifications to customize the exercise to your needs and give corrections to make sure you are getting the maximum benefit out of the class.

Our programs are designed to progress you through the exercises so that you will truly learn the Pilates method and realize all of its amazing benefits. No matter what fitness level you are at, you can get started with Pilates and see incredible results.